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video policy


  • Training new members

  • Documenting what we did

  • Keeping 971 team members and mentors informed

  • FIRST Award submissions

  • Sharing within the 971 team

  • Sharing with the FIRST community and MVHS community

  • Educating and entertaining parents and family

What topics/subjects are confidential

  • We want to keep some aspects of 971 robot design & strategy confidential during the competition season, so we limit posting of photo/video material until the appropriate phase of the season.

  • For posting Photo/Videos in public forums, the 971 season is broken into 3 phases.

  • Phase 1 - Totally confidential.   Before any public appearance.  Begins with season kickoff, ends when 971 appears in a regional competition.

  • Phase 2 – Some design details remain confidential.  Begins when 971 competes in regional competition and ends when 971 official competition season is complete (hopefully after national/international championship).  The robot has already appeared in public, but some topics remain confidential during phase 2.  Examples:

  • Closeup photos of mechanisms.

  • New designs/strategies which have not yet been used in public competition

  • Video of our robot practicing or scoring outside of public competition(s).

  • If you are unsure, what might be sensitive, please ask first.

  • See below for additional details.

  • Phase 3 – Off season.  From the end of FRC official season, until next season kickoff.   No limit on sharing photos/video from the previous FRC competition season.  For new projects during off season, avoid public pre-exposure of special projects (examples: shift on the fly transmission) - People leading the project decide when to share outside the team.

  • When in doubt, check with Austin or Travis before posting.

  • Extend this same courtesy to other teams.  Any media which shows their robot or mechanisms in the background, must be considered confidential until after championships.  Example:  when sharing space in at NASA practice field.   This does not apply to photos and video taken at tournaments which are open to the public.   

Sharing confidential material with the active team 971 members/mentors

  • Warning: Some team email lists allow anyone in the world to join so they are NOT confidential.  Confidential material and links should ONLY be sent to team google group elists.  Never send confidential information to the elist.

  • When sharing confidential material via web sites such as photo sharing sites & youtube, access must be limited to those with explicit permission by you, or by a non public URL.

  • When sending/posting material or links, include a confidentiality reminder:

  • “Reminder – please limit re-distribution to only current active team 971 members until after completion of the competitive season”

  • The confidentiality reminder should be included in every email which contains confidential images.

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