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About US

Our Story

Pushing the Boundaries

At 971, we train students to become great engineers, product and business managers. From electrical engineering to software to manufacturing, we compress years of real life experience into every competition year.  Our business teams learn everything from finance to procurement to media messaging. Our leadership teams direct over 100 team members to deliver a top tier robot within grueling deadlines. This is 971.


Impacting Our Community and Beyond

971 serves as a powerful catalyst for positive change in our community and beyond. We engage in outreach initiatives, hosting workshops, demonstrations, and STEM education programs for local schools and organizations. By sparking curiosity and interest in science and technology at an early age, we inspire the next generation of engineers, programmers, and innovators.


Our electrical team redefines what the solution to a problem looks like. Whether that be designing and manufacturing our own custom electronics, or building a reflow oven from scratch, we invent a unique solution to any problem that is sent our way.


971 dreams big, and our fabrication team makes those dreams come to life. Using our home made CNC router and the other tools at our disposal, we manufacture units from custom laid carbon fiber, to turret joints capable of supporting the weight of the robot.


Given a hunk of aluminum, the software team turns it into a semi-autonomous robot with millisecond speed feature detection for auto-aim and 200hz control loops that make the robot "dance" through the competition.


Robotics isn't entirely about robots. Our entrepreneurship team has helped us secure sponsors, set up outreach events, and get members to make it what it is today.

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