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Complexity Index and Design Philosophy
By: Paulina Vvedenskaya and Justin Turcotte

We’ll be sharing 971’s design principles and philosophy about complexity and degrees of freedom. Hear us walk through our previous robot designs and the 2023 robot decision making process.
Video Link (41 minutes)

Sensor Filtering in FRC
By: James Kuszmaul

This talk will discuss the theoretical basis for how 971 approaches estimating the state of robot mechanisms in order to accurately control them. Note that this talk will be somewhat math-heavy.

Video Link (58 minutes)

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The Road to Regionals
By: Téa Fazio & Sarah Heimlich

This talk will explore all the elements 971 uses to be competition ready. From kickoff to champs, we explore the ins and outs of comp-preparedness, and how 971 has reinvented the way we approach competitions.
Video Link (41 minutes)

Building a Strong Entrepreneurship Foundation
By: Lara Fernando and Maya Eisenberg

This talk will discuss structuring entrepreneurship in a robot focus team and building the soft skills of FIRST students. We will go through our process and the lessons we learned and open it up to Q&A at the end.
Video Link (35 minutes)

Designing for Controllability: 2023 Robot Arm
By: Nicholas Dal Porto and Travis Schuh

This talk will show how the 2023 arm design applied the concepts previously discussed in the past year's design for controllability Spartan Series. We will cover many aspects of the design process including designing for stiffness, kinematic workspace, component selection, and DFM learnings.
Video Link (59 minutes)

Distortion, Mapping, and Vision
By: Maxwell Henderson and Jim Ostrowski

 This talk describes how we map the locations of the AprilTag targets on the field, and how we perform an extrinsic camera calibration to help make this more accurate.
Video Link (46 minutes)

Printed Circuit Boards
By: Henry Speiser and Zachary Berthillier

This presentation focuses on the secrets behind our team’s cutting-edge electrical strategy. We will take you on a journey through our process of revamping our electrical strategy for the 2023 season. We’ll also demonstrate how we harness the capabilities of KiCad, a powerful PCB design tool, to craft intricate and efficient PCBs that drive our robots to success.
Video Link (45 minutes)
Slides coming soon!

All Things Competition Strategy
By: Claire Smith

This talk will explain how we conduct our strategic operations at 971, including interacting with other teams, scouting, picklist creation, philosophy, and more. It will also focus on our strategy during San Francisco Regional and how we were able to win with only two robots on the field during eliminations.
Video Link (41 minutes)

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Composites, Manufacturing, Adhesives, and Carbon Fiber
By: Lara Fernando and Mack Speiser

Composites and adhesives are high-performance materials being used to push the limits of aerospace, medical devices, autosport, and many other industries. They can also be used to build light and stiff robot mechanisms. In this talk, learn about the manufacturing techniques involved in making composite parts with examples of how these amazing materials are used on 971 robots.
Video Link (55 minutes)

carbon fiber.jpg


971 Leadership Structure
By: Lara Fernando and Stephan Massalt

Lara and Stephan discuss why and how FRC Team 971 changed its leadership structure over the past 3 years.
Video Link (76 minutes)

Purposeful and Efficient CAD
By: Marissa Tsoi and Nicholas Dal Porto

Marissa and Nick describe team 971 approach to mechanical CAD.
Video Link (64 minutes)

Design for Serviceability
By: Michael Bick and Lara Fernando

Michael and Lara describe the concept of Design for Serviceability, a case study of the team's 2022 robot, and 971's approach to serviceability

Video Link (55 minutes)

Printed Circuit Board Design
By: Henry Speiser and Scott Berman

Henry and Scott describe the process and tools used by team 971 to design custom circuit boards.
Video Link (61 minutes)

pcb design.jpg
2021 and 2022 Robot Overview
By: Matthew Suri, Milind Upadhyay, and Lara Fernando

Matthew, Milind, and Lara present an overview of the team's robots designed for the 2021 and 2022 FRC seasons.
Video Link (57 minutes)

Rapid React Vision Breakdown
By: Milind Upadhyay and Jim Ostrowski

Miland and Jim discuss how 971 utilizes multiple cameras and target detection vision algorithms, enabling the robot to determine distance and angle to the scoring target.
Video Link (66 minutes)

Screenshot (181).png
By: Mack Speiser and Justin Turcotte

Justin and Mack describe 971 manufacturing process and tools, including some examples.  Tools include a CNC router, CNC lathe, mill, and 3D printer.
Video Link (26 minutes)

Robot Electrical
By: Het Satasiya and Scott Berman

Het and Scott explain how to wire a robot, with particular emphasis on connectors and types of wire. They use 971's 2022 robot as an example.
Video Link (60 minutes)

By: James Kuszmaul

James discuss how 971 robot localization works.  Localization is the method by which a robot determines is position in space (or on an FRC field, or relative to a goal on the FRC field).
Video Link (60 minutes)

Screenshot (186).png


Simple Thinking
By: Adam Heard

Adam Heard teaches some methods for architecting the simplest robot possible which can achieve the level of competition your FRC team is striving for.

Video Link (111 minutes)

Camera Calibration, Precision, and Alignment for Robots
By: Jim Ostrowski

Jim explains the need for camera calibration (compensation) when using vision to calculate the location of objects in the real world. He showcase 971's approach to camera calibration for our vision system.
Video Link (40 minutes)

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Panel: Behind the Glass
By: Bailey Lunn, Sabina Davis, Mira Shah, and Austin Shuh

Panel discussion with 971’s drive team on how they prepare for and execute matches, from off-season to Einstein.

Video Link (55 minutes)

Robot Design Iterations
By: Anirudh Kumar and Rishon Shah

Rishon & Anirudh go through how we refine our robots, highlighting 971 mechanisms that went through varying levels of iteration.
Video Link (50 minutes)

Online Team Presence: Your Brand in a Virtual World
By: Melissa Smith, Megan Guttieri, Sarah Heimlich

A panel discussion on how to portray a team’s mission, efforts, and brand, taking advantage of the influence of social media.
Video Link (54 minutes)

online presence.png
Robot Software Architecture
By: Austin Schuh

Austin presents updates to 971’s framework for code, showing principles and reasoning behind the design and workflows.
Video Link (63 minutes)

software (61).JPG
Panel: Career, Advice, FIRST, and Your Future
By: Melissa Smith, Ginger Schmidt, and Megan Guttieri

Industry professionals and college students showcase how impactful FIRST can be in your career and academic life. 
Video Link (59 minutes)

971 Assembly: Organization and Best Practices
By: Kai Wessel

Kai presents an overview of 971’s assembly process, from best practices to effective organization and workflow management.
Video Link (26 minutes)

assembly (74).JPG
Prototyping CAD of a Robot Mechanism
By: Travis Schuh

Travis describes and explains his thought process as he designs a robot mechanism.
Video Link (70 minutes)

CAD (10).JPG
Best Practices of a Year Round Team
By: Mira Shah and Alex Wieland

Mira & Alex discuss how 971 utilizes being a year-round team to increase our impact and success, walking through a typical year on 971.
Video Link (51 minutes)

best practices.JPG
Panel: Behind the Field
By: Ed Jordan, Melissa Smith, Megan Guttieri, and Aren Hill

Panel discussion including an FTA (Field Technical Advisor), LRI (Lead Robot Inspector), Head Ref, and Queuing Lead. They share some behind-the-scenes perspective, including tips on how to prepare and succeed at FRC Regionals.
Video Link (57 minutes)

behind field.jpg
Things You're (Probably) Doing Wrong!
By: Zach Marks

Zach covers many common mistakes in the use of tools and during the assembly of FRC robots. "We did it wrong, so you don't have to."
Video Link (60 minutes)



From Drawings to the Final Product: A Guide to FRC Manufacturing [Beginner]
By: Kseniia Stiagun

Kseniia discusses 971's manufacturing process, covering the transition from CAD to manufacturing to assembly by diving deep into 971's standards for machined parts, drawings, and the assembly process itself.
Video Link (16 minutes)
Slides (7.5 MBytes)

Scouting & Strategy: Case Studies on 971's Process [Intermediate]
By: Alex Wieland

Alex covers data analysis, alliance selection, and match strategy through practical competition examples. He discusses how 971 develops optimal match strategy based on alliance and opponent team composition.
Video Link (48 minutes)
Slides (2.7 MBytes)

A CAD Style Guide by 971 [Intermediate]
By: Travis Schuh

Travis goes over robust CAD methods that support clean and effective design, giving industry insight into practices that translate into success in FRC.
Video Link (56 minutes)
Slides (5.4 MBytes)

Breakdown, Brainstorm, Plan, & Prototype: Foundations for Successful Robots [Intermediate]
By: Bryan Culver

Bryan presents a guide on leveraging the critical first days of the season to lay the foundation for a successful robot by covering best practices.
Video Link (46 minutes)
Slides (4.7 MBytes)

Breakdown, Brainstorm, Plan, & Prototype.jpg
971's Software Architecture: A Framework for Advanced Controls [Intermediate]
By: Tyler Chatow

Tyler discusses the structure of 971's code. He gives a thorough overview of how, why, and what 971 does differently to build their code base.
Video Link (38 minutes)
Slides (.14 MBytes)

971s Software Architecture.jpg
Controls 101: Making Robots Dance [Intermediate]: Austin Schuh
By: Austin Schuh

Austin talks about the basics needed to control FRC robots.
Video Link (26 minutes)
Slides (1.8 MBytes)

Controls 101.jpg
FRC Storytelling Through Multimedia [Beginner]
By: Steve Silverman

FRC Storytelling Through Multimedia [Beginner]: Steve Silverman
Steve provides insight on how to use mediums such as Photography and Videography to capture the journey 971 takes throughout the entire year. Steve provides tips and tricks he's learned to capture pivotal and summarizing moments in 971's history.
Video Link (56 minutes)
Slides (18.2 MBytes)

FRC Storytelling Through Multimedia.jpg
Organization & Purchasing: a Secret to Success in FRC [Beginner]
By: Wyn Schuh, Brian Silverman, & Finbarr Crispie

Wyn, Brian, and Finbarr cover the 971 approach to purchasing, including general purchasing and bookkeeping tips as well as the path that 971 COTS parts take from CAD to purchase. They discuss how an effective purchasing system can help simplify a chaotic build season.
Video Link (50 minutes)
Slides (.82 MBytes)

Organization & Purchasing.jpg
FRC Sustainability [Beginner]
By: Wyn Schuh & Finbarr Crispie

Wyn & Finbarr present 971's organizational structures, team values, and organizational values in an effort to help teams become more sustainable.
Video Link (46 minutes)
Slides (1.4 MBytes)

FRC Sustainability.jpg
2019 Robot Overview: Tachyon [Beginner]
By: Rishon Shah & Sabina Davis

Sabina and Rishon provide a technical overview of 971's design process during the 2019 season. They provide an in-depth look into the mechanical and programming aspects of 971's Destination Deep Space Robot, named Tachyon.
Video Link (22 minutes)
Slides (3.4 MBytes)

2019 Robot Overview.jpg
3D Printing: Effectively Utilizing the Markforged [Beginner]
By: Kayla Blalack

Kayla discusses 971's design and fabrication process for 3D printed parts through showcasing specific examples, discussing print workflow, and highlighting common design considerations.
Video Link (36 minutes)
Slides (4.3 MBytes)

3D Printing.jpg
It's Not About the Robots Anymore... [Beginner]
By: David Mintz

David, Vice President of Research & Development of Auris Health, talks about the tools FRC provides its members for success as an engineer and leader in professional settings, while providing parallels between FRC practices and industry.
Video Link (58 minutes)
Slides (3.0 MBytes)

It’s Not About the Robots Anymore.jpg
I'll Take Outrageous Outreach for 100: Inventive Outreach and Your Team [Beginner]
By: Sarah Heimlich

Sarah talks about creative methods to engage members in outreach activities that best fit the resources and mission of your team.
Video Link (34 minutes)
Slides (8.9 MBytes)

Outrageous Outreach.jpg
The Secret Sauce: Your Story & How You Tell It [Beginner]
By: Megan Guttieri

Megan covers the skills, attitude, and approach any student or mentor can use to properly showcase the strengths of your brand, team, and you by condensing interdisciplinary knowledge between academia, sales, and FIRST Robotics.
Video Link (36 minutes)
Slides (4.1 MBytes)

The Secret Sauce.jpg
FRC Judging: Maximizing Time & Content [Intermediate]
By: Kristin Weiss

Kristin explains ways of maximizing your communication with judges at events to help your team shine.
Video Link (28 minutes)
Slides (3.3 MBytes)

FRC Judging.jpg
How to Make Friends & Influence People: The FRC Edition [Beginner]
By: Sabina Davis

Sabina goes in depth about how FRC brings people out of their shell and provides tips and tricks about body language and connecting with others.
Because of technical difficulties, no video will be available for this workshop.
Slides (9.4 MBytes)

How to Make Friends & Influence People.JPG


971 CAD (Complex, Accessible, Detail Oriented) 
By: Annie Wang

Annie discusses the 971 CAD process, covering the transition from prototyping to CAD, parts management, and geometry. Basic knowledge of Solidworks is recommended to get the most out of the workshop.
Video Link (40 minutes)
Slides (1.4 MBytes)

Screen Shot 2022-11-08 at 2.26.51 PM.png
Selecting Gear Ratios to Build More Robust Robots
By: Nick Crispie

Nick discusses the nuances of gear ratios, covering how to calculate gear ratios, surface speed, and torque, as well as how to use this information to pick the gear ratios that are most appropriate to a specific design.
Video Link (48 minutes)
Slides (1.0 MBytes)

Screen Shot 2022-11-08 at 2.31.03 PM.png
An Overview of 971's 2018 Robot
By: Annie Wang and Sabina Davis

Sabina and Annie provide a technical overview of 971's design process during the 2018 season. They provide an in depth look into the mechanical and programming aspects of 971's Power UP Robot, named Curiosity.
Video Link (25 minutes)
Slides (5.4 MBytes)

Creativity and Innovation in the World of Engineering
By: Aren Hill

Aren presents on cool, innovative designs in both the FRC and the engineering world. He discusses technical concepts behind some of FRC's most creative robot mechanisms.
Video Link (52 minutes)
Slides (0.8 MBytes)

Screen Shot 2022-11-08 at 2.35.53 PM.png
Motors and Motor Controllers 
By: Brian Silverman

Brian provides an overview of motors and motor controllers, explaining electronic concepts and the math and physics behind them. This presentation requires prior intermediate knowledge and progresses into advanced concepts.
Video Link (46 minutes)
Slides (2.1 MBytes)

Screen Shot 2022-11-08 at 2.37.08 PM.png


Control System Modeling
By: Austin Schuh 

Austin discusses many aspects of control system modeling including motor models and reading VexPro motor datasheets. He has the class follow along and work with him to model a simple elevator.
Video Link (47 minutes)
No slides for this talk

Screen Shot 2022-11-08 at 2.39.55 PM.png
Test Driven Develpoment
By: Austin Schuh

The focus of this class is test driven development. Austin uses test driven development to write code to control the elevator that was modeled in the first class and then uses that code to control the elevator on the 971 Third Robot from 2015.
Video Link (115 minutes)
Download code (5 kBytes)

Screen Shot 2022-11-08 at 2.41.36 PM.png
Designing for Controllability
By: Travis Schuh 

Travis discusses how to design FRC Robots with better control systems in mind. He covers the relationship between mechanisms, stiffness & backlash, motor selection, and sensors.
Video Link (90 minutes)
Download slides (12 MBytes)

Screen Shot 2022-11-08 at 2.43.04 PM.png
971's Sustainability Practices
By: Wyn Schuh and Finbarr Crispie

Wyn and Finbarr present 971's organizational structures, team values, and organizational values in an effort to help teams become more sustainable. Wyn and Finbarr manage 971's operations. Wyn is our lead mentor and a Woodie Flowers Award Finalist.
Video Link (51 minutes)
Download slides (2 MBytes)

Screen Shot 2022-11-08 at 2.44.20 PM.png
Intersection of Electronics, Programming, and Design
By: Brian Silverman 

Brian's, 2013 971 Dean's List Finalist, presents on the relationship between electronics, code, and robot mechanisms, and how each aspect of a robot interfaces with others.
Video Link (49 minutes)
Download slides (300 kBytes)

robot - climb sequence1 SVR (4).jpg
Strategy Techniques and Scouting Management 
By: Jocelyn Baird

Jocelyn covered how to manage scouts in the stands, how to choose a team in alliance selections, and 971's best supporting scouting/strategy practices. Jocelyn was in charge of scouting on 971 from 2013-2014.
Video Link (52 minutes)
Download slides (5 MBytes)

Screen Shot 2022-11-08 at 2.48.27 PM.png
Building Your Team's Resume
By: Megan Guttieri and Ginger Schmidt

Megan and Ginger discuss how to place an FRC team's activities into a larger narrative. This will be useful for teams trying to create a better Chairman's submission, and teams looking to increase sponsor support.
No video available yet.
Download slides (5 MBytes)

Screen Shot 2022-11-08 at 2.49.48 PM.png
An Overview of 971's 2017 Robot
By: Ginger Schmidt and Adam Snaider

Ginger and Adam provide a technical overview of 971's design process in relation to the 2017 robot. Ginger and Adam provide an indepth look into the mechanical and programming aspects of 971's Steamworks Robot, named Fyn.
Video Link (51 minutes)
Download slides (12 MBytes)

robot - in motion (12).jpg
Being a Student Leader
By: Bahar Maghbouleh and Ginger Schmidt

Bahar and Ginger's presentation is about what it means as a student to get more involved with your team, how to pick up and manage projects, and how 971 utilizes student leadership.
Video Link (49 minutes)
Download slides (172 kBytes)

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