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Mission and Details

What is Spartan Series?


Every year, FRC 971 students and mentors collaborate to discuss highlights and learning points from their experiences throughout the robotics season in a series of presentations.

What IS Spartan Series?

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What were this year's Talks?

What were this Year's Talks?

  • Complexity Index and Design Philosophy

  • Sensor Filtering

  • The Road to Regionals

  • Building an Entrepreneurship Foundation

  • 2023 Arm Design and Analysis

  • Distortion, Mapping, and Vision

  • Electrical Strategy

  • All Things Competition Strategy

  • Manufacturing, Adhesives, and Carbon Fiber

Where CAN These Talks be found?
Where CAN These Talks be found?

Head to our YouTube  channel or the Workshops page of our website for recordings from past years' Spartan Series!

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